Commercial Transactions & Corporate Counsel

Business transactions often call for a legal team with a diverse set of skills.

Commercial transactions are the backbone of any business. Our attorneys can be trusted to keep your business running smoothly and to help you reduce the risk of disputes. You need attorneys who thoroughly understand current commercial laws, comprehend complex terms of contracts and agreements, can structure successful succession and exit planning strategies, and are in tune with the rapidly changing technology of a dynamic marketplace.

Brown & Ruprecht, PC’s commercial transaction and corporate attorneys work closely with executives, internal and outside accountants, and other professional advisers and decision makers in all aspects of your business. We also provide management advice needed to safeguard businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, and work to resolve business issues through sensible approaches.


Kurt S. Brack
Robert C. Latz
Robert P. Reams
G. Steven Ruprecht
Frank Wendt

Areas of Commercial Service

Asset purchase agreements
Bankruptcy and business reorganization
Business formation and general business advice
Buy-sell agreements
Construction contracts
Homes Association
Independent contractor and consulting agreements
Lease contracts
Loan agreements
Non-disclosure and other restrictive agreements to protect confidential and trade secret information
Outsourcing agreements
Representative and distributor agreements
Real estate acquisitions
Software and other technology agreements
Succession and exit planning strategies
Vendor contracts
Workout and debt restructuring arrangements

Areas of Corporate Service

Buy-sell agreements
Business formation and choice of entity
Contracts and contract documents
Draft and implement corporate policy statements
Franchise and license agreements
Distributor agreements
Independent contractor and consulting agreements
Maintenance of corporate records
Mergers and Acquisitions
Outsourcing agreements
Shareholder and related agreements
Software and technology
Vendor agreements and purchase orders