Labor & Employment Law

Calm a challenging labor situation while keeping your company’s interests at heart.

With constantly changing employment laws, it is critical to work with a law firm that stays on top of ever-evolving regulations and trends. Brown & Ruprecht, PC’s labor and employment attorneys have handled claims and suits arising under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, ADEA, ADA, the Davis Bacon Act, FMLA, FLSA, ERISA, HIPAA and the NLRA.

We can assist with providing advice to address the day-to-day challenges and operation of your business, including reviewing employee policy manuals and developing employment agreements. We routinely provide counsel on workplace privacy, drug testing, wage and hour issues, unemployment claims, and employee discipline and terminations.

Areas of Service

Employee Handbook review
Employment Agreements
Policies and Procedures
Privacy and security procedures
Prevailing wage disputes
Severance Agreements