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Kansas Supreme Court Addresses A Passenger’s Liability To Another Passenger [Sept 2015]

Law Adapts to the Digital World [2007]

The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 [2007]

Fund Trustees Should Examine UBS Downturn [August 2008]

Value of Medical Treatment in Missouri Post-Tort Reform: Amount Billed vs. Amount Paid [Oct. 2008]

Res Ipsa Loquitur Theory Allowed in Medical Malpractice Cases in Missouri [Oct. 2008]

Deadline Approaches for Compliance with New Immigration Law [Nov. 2008]

Recent Verdicts and Opinions in Kansas and Missouri [Dec. 2008]

Welfare Benefits 2008 Year in Review: Michelle's Law Mandates Certain Benefits for College Students [Jan. 2009]

Welfare Benefits 2008 Year in Review: Bailout Bill Includes Provisions for Mental Health Parity [Jan. 2009]

Welfare Benefits 2008 Year in Review: Medicare Secondary Payer Mandatory Reporting [Feb. 2009]

Welfare Benefits 2008 Year in Review: Effects of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act [March 2009]

New Missouri Law Requires Immediate Action by More Than 500,000 Businesses [March 2009]

Homeowners Under Threat of Foreclosure Seek "Short Sale" [Oct. 2009]

EEOC Proposes Regulations Implementing the ADA Amendment Act of 2008 [Nov. 2009]

The New Federal Acquisition Regulations Require Your Business to Have a Compliance Plan, Ethics Training and Internal Controls [Jan. 2010]

Supreme Court Reaffirms Final Bankruptcy Court Orders are Enforceable Even if Erroneous Under the Law [April 2010]

Employees May Now Claim Wrongful Discharge Based on Violation of Public Policy [Sept. 2010]

The Estate, Gift and Generation Skipping Tax - Where Are We Now? [Dec. 2010]

New Missouri Mechanic’s Lien Statute on New Residential Property [Jan. 2011]

Brown & Ruprecht, PC Successfully Navigates the Corbin Park Storm [April 2011]

Federal Service-Disabled Veterans Set-Aside Program [July 2011]

Davis-Bacon Act Subcontractor's Obligation to Pay Prevailing Wages [Sept. 2013]

Kansas Raises its Cap on Noneconomic Damages; Missouri Tries to Reinstate its Cap on Malpractice Damages [Sept. 2014]